Health Informatics Salary

Health Informatics is a profession that uses different skills including information technology, computers, and the medical profession.  This occupation uses computers and other equipment to manage, protect, and store other health information.  This is a profession that requires education and experience and you can earn a good health informatics salary in the right setting.  From medical companies to outsourcing services companies this sector of the economy is projected to have strong growth over the next few years.

Computers first started being used in the medical profession many years ago at the U.S.A Bureau of Standards.  The armed forces also used computers for different medical projects in early years.  It was in the 1960’s that a computer system was developed that would do many of the functions of a typical health checkup at a clinic.  As the 1970’s and 80’s went on we saw further development in the field of medical data bases.  As more advances in computers happen we should see more and more new uses and programs for records management and patients care in the health IT related field.

As is common in the information technology field you will also find informatics certifications for professionals and are important for a good health informatics salary.   One example is the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) offers a certification in nursing informatics, and you can also find a radiology certification program.  These certifications are important for getting a good job and a good health informatics salary.

You can earn a salary of over 60 in the health informatics sector of the economy depending on the company, position, and location. As more and more data is hosting on computers this is a field that will see more and more growth in the future.   A number of businesses from hospitals, to clinics, and insurance companies hire people in this field and have different positions.

When most people think of the health care system they think of Dr’s and Nurses, but the information technology professionals play an important role also in this system.  Patients care and records are very important for treating the people, and knowing what is wrong.  In the past most records were kept in files and on paper but as computers become more popular more records are being managed by health informatics professionals.  As this field grows you are seeing colleges and universities set up centers to educate people on working in this growing field.